The Batman: whose trailer song is it?

The Batman: whose trailer song is it?
It's been just under 48 hours since the first trailer for The Batman and, if needed, with just over 2 minutes at its disposal, the trailer has already made Batmania (re) explode in the general public while the avid readers and fans revel in the fact that the Dark Knight will be the hottest topic for the next few months.

We present the trailer that you can find in Italian by clicking HERE:

The atmosphere is oppressive, the decadent aesthetics with a rainy Gotham and Robert Pattinson understood and above all brutal. What is striking about the trailer is obviously also the soundtrack which, after abandoning the symphonic atmospheres of the 80s / 90s and the neo-symphonic atmospheres of the Nolian trilogy, relies on a remixed semi-acoustic piece.

The song you hear in the background in the trailer is in fact a song by Nirvana entitled Something in the Way. The song obviously bears the signature of the late frontman of the band or Kurt Cobain and was written in 1991. As always, the lyrics of the song are autobiographical and speaks of the time when Cobain left high school and, refusing to find a job, was kicked out of home. The song talks about "living under a bridge" even though the band's bassist, Krist Novoselic, and Cobain's sister Kim, have always denied that Kurt ever lived as homeless.

The mystery around the piece remains however: the text was written by Cobain with a spray can under the bridge of Young Street in Aberdeen, in April 1984, subsequently canceled. Producer Butch Vig had to repeatedly ask Cobain to sing louder during the recordings but Kurt repeatedly refused to force the sound engineer to crank up the microphone level.

Here is the original version. of the song, which is the twelfth track, contained in the seminal 1991 album Nevermind:

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