Immune for Huawei: September or never?

Immune for Huawei: September or never?
To date Immuni is not available (or not fully efficient) on most of the Huawei and Honor terminals, but things could change starting from the month of September. The dedicated version was indeed promised, but the reality is that the developers of the Italian contact tracing app can do little without the support of the Chinese company. The news of these hours suggests that something can soon change

Immune for Huawei: is September the right month?

The news lies in the fact that Huawei has announced for September 10-12 the Huawei Developer Conference 2020, an event during which the group heralds big news in relation to its software and devices. HarmonyOS and EMUI 11 are among the most important innovations for the developer community, but there is an important detail that is added to these pieces: it is HMS Core 5.0.

Inside Huawei Mobile Services, in fact, conceal a long series of news on important aspects of the Huawei ecosystem and news is also expected in relation to the contact tracing apps. Ad hoc rules on this front, partially limiting the compromises that are imposed on the management of bluetooth, could in fact allow the development of a dedicated app that can allow full tracking to work even on Chinese devices.

today it is not possible to find out more, but with all probability this is a crucial point to be able to see "Immune" in action on Huawei: in this case the development must be immediate, because the app finishes its cycle to the 31st of December and it would be unnecessary to a release late on this front (where, however, there is already a promise pending ). The second half of September, or at least the first of October, therefore, could be the right time for the release. At that point the download Immune you must choose if you will need the version for Apple, one for samsung or all other Android. But you will have at least the certainty of the operation, net of compatibility techniques that cut off (by force of things) devices to date.

it should Be recalled that Google has already announced new products in relation to Android 11, on which Immune will be theoretically more accurate and transparent thanks to the innovations of the Exposure Notification API.

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