How is the convention of the American Democrats going?

How is the convention of the American Democrats going?

Given the coronavirus emergency, the entire event this year takes place virtually. Joe Biden's candidacy has been made official, but many politicians, activists and citizens have also spoken

(photo: Brian Snyder / Pool / Afp / Getty Images) It was supposed to be held in a crowded building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the spread of the coronavirus in the United States has changed the usual format of the Democratic Party convention which, this year, for the first time, is taking place virtually: the interventions of the guests, recorded or live, follow one after the other and are presented by a presenter in the studio. The event began on August 17 and will end on August 20. In the two days already held, Joe Biden's candidacy for the presidency of the United States was officially presented and some of the most important figures of the party, such as the former first lady, took part. Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders. But some representatives of Republicans who will support Biden have also taken the floor, such as former Ohio governor John Kasich or former secretary of state - during the presidency of George W. Bush - Colin Powell.

The event, one of the fixtures in American political life, has the main purpose of nominating the party's candidate for the November presidential elections, as the delegates won by each candidate in the primary are called to vote. But it is also the time when the party presents its program to the voters. Among the speeches expected for August 19 are those of Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden will close the convention on August 2nd.

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