HideMyAss VPN: 73% off the 36 month plan

HideMyAss VPN: 73% off the 36 month plan
Update 27 August 2020: the HideMyAss offer with 73% discount on the 36-month plan is available again!

We would like to point out that, about a month after its debut, the extraordinary offer of HideMyAss (or HMS, if you prefer) with 73% off the 36 month plan is available again! This is an exceptional discount, for what is a company that, in a very short time, has managed to attract the attention of VPN users, also thanks to the reliability of the Avast brand, of which this VPN is part. .

With its 400 million users worldwide, HMS is a VPN with all the trappings, often mistakenly underestimated and whose excellent features you can test thanks to this excellent subscription plan that, for just € 2.99 per month, offers you 36 months of subscription, for a total price of € 107.64! A no brainer, if you consider the original price which would be 395.64 €, for a total discount of 73%!

With its huge choice of servers, consisting of 290 locations in over 190 countries around the world, HMS is one of the most versatile options on the market, especially considering that thanks to its leadership it is practically the VPN with the most vast number of serves available, with 14 positions in the Middle East, 20 in Africa and over 50 in Southeast Asia, in addition to the “classic” positions in Europe and the United States. Compatible with all platforms available on the market, HMS is a service based on the reliable OpenVPN and offers quick and intuitive settings even on routers, smart TVs, consoles and many other connected devices. Excellent connection speeds and technical assistance, HMS is the ideal choice for those looking for a VPN with an unparalleled quality / price ratio and that is able to meet the mobility needs of those who travel frequently and need a connection reliable, fast and above all safe.
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