Hellboy: Mike Mignola's Savior Devil

Hellboy: Mike Mignola's Savior Devil
Comic book hero, cinecomic star and charismatic leader of a team of outsiders who in the shadows defended humanity from countless and incredible threats. Definition that could fit different heroes from the world of comics, but one in particular is at the center of our attention right now: Hellboy. The massive agent of the B.P.R.D. created by the brilliant Mike Mignola, he is a figure in the world of talking clouds thanks to three films that have told the story, but it is in the paper format that the good old Red, as he is nicknamed by his friends, has shown his incredible narrative power.

And to think that everything started almost as a joke!

Unusual origins

If you think about it, the whole editorial story of Hellboy, from its genesis to its epilogue, could enclose in one of the most intense sentences of the first cinematographic adventure of Red

"What is it that makes man a man?" A friend of mine once asked himself. Maybe its origins? The way it comes to life? I don't believe it. They are the choices he makes. Not how he starts things, but how he decides to end them "

For Helboy this is almost an axiomatic truth. And it could not be otherwise, considering that the first sketch of the character was made by Mike Mignola almost by chance, when the author, during an edition of the Salt Lake City Comic-Con, made a sketch of idea for a demonic creature with the 'Hellboy' written on the belt, to satisfy a fan request. This creature was in the ropes of Mignola, who after working for years in Marvel and DC, wanted to create a first series that would combine occult and investigation.

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