Google Ad Manager: news for audio insertions

Google Ad Manager: news for audio insertions
We consume more and more audio content, from streaming music to podcasts. The inevitable consequence is that a greater interest in this type of content is transformed into the possibility of monetization. And where there is advertising, there is Google. Today the Mountain View group announces some news on this front, intended for the Ad Manager platform and immediately available in beta.

Audio advertising in the future of Google (and ours) The first is called Dynamic Ad Insertion. To understand what it is for, let's take an example. A user is interacting with the application of a music service: if he is browsing the menus it is possible to show him a video advertisement, if instead the software is in the background while listening to it, he automatically opts for a sound type. In short, the best format for every occasion, thus allowing to optimize investments and return in terms of conversion. TuneIn is already experimenting with this mode.

There are also tools for detecting the performances obtained by the audio insertions with reports separate from those recorded by other formats. This is to allow publishers to optimally plan campaigns, organizing the available spaces in the best possible way. Finally, Programmatic Audio Ads offer partners greater flexibility in the sale of slots through the methods they prefer.

These are novelties linked to the increasingly widespread diffusion of products such as smart speakers, now almost omnipresent in our homes, which basing their operation exclusively on the sound component (voice commands and audio feedback) remove the visual component in the interaction with resources, contents and services.

Source: Google

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