God of War: Kratos returns in a cosplay as lethal as it is sensual

God of War: Kratos returns in a cosplay as lethal as it is sensual
How to make the summer of 2020 even hotter than it already is? With a nice cosplay, it's obvious. But not one of the "canonical" ones, to be more precise. And just to be very precise, we might as well speak clearly: it is a cosplay dedicated to God of War, and to a very different Kratos from the one you remembered.

A cosplayer with no name (or at least we don't we know it, but tell us who it is and we will specify it) has decided to impersonate Kratos in its female version; an exterminator of gods as lethal as it is sensual, in short. The attention to detail is truly remarkable: it is the Kratos of the God of War for PlayStation 4, as you will notice from the ax and the clothing. But obviously the so-called "genderswap" happened: from male Kratos to female Kratos. After all, who said that men can only make cosplay for men and women only for women?

Below you will find the image of the cosplay dedicated to the sensual Kratos, and to God of War; in the meantime half the world awaits the announcement of the sequel for the PlayStation 5, which for sure will arrive at some point. Don't forget to insult ... to share your opinion with us in the comments field.

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