Free League Publishing collects prizes at the ENnie Awards 2020

Free League Publishing collects prizes at the ENnie Awards 2020
The Swedish publishing house Free League Publishing (also known to fans with its Swedish name of Fria Ligan), was particularly active during Gen Con Online, with launches and announcements of daily products. In recent years, she has always produced role-playing games of great quality, both from a regulatory and setting point of view, and from a graphic one, thanks to the support of illustrators with exceptional talents, which has made her win numerous prizes in the gaming sector .

It is not surprising, therefore, that in the night just passed Free League Publishing brought home a considerable amount of prizes at the 2020 edition of the ENnie Awards, thanks to two role-playing games published in the past year that they have met with huge critical and public success: ALIEN The Roleplaying Game (of which you can read our review) and MÖRK BORG (of which you can read our review) and to the love that the fans feel towards this publishing house.

As many of you already know, the 2020 edition of Gen Con, the largest board and role-playing convention in North America held annually in Indianapolis, did not take place in the formula cons ueta due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But in order not to leave fans dry-mouthed and to allow the analog game sector not to miss an important opportunity to announce product launches and releases, the organizers of the fair have prepared the digital version of the convention: Gen Con Online.

Obviously, during the event, the usual assignment of the ENnie Awards could not be missing, the annual ceremony, born in 2001, which assigns the prestigious prizes to role-playing games and their editors according to what was voted by fans and by a jury of sector figures, democratically elected.

Free League Publishing, the awards won

As was shown in the opening of this article, this year, Free League Publishing scooped a considerable amount of awards, among the most prestigious. Let's see them together.

Fans’ Choice for Best Publisher (GOLD) to be awarded directly to the Free League Publishing as the publishing house of the

ALIEN The Roleplaying Game

Best Game (GOLD) ALIEN The Roleplaying Game is the role-playing game pen and paper from the brand's official ALIEN, published by the Swedish publishing house Free League Publishing, under license with 20th Century Fox . Currently only available in English, but soon also in Italian with Wyrd Edizioni , ALIEN The Roleplaying Game uses the engine from the game the award-winning " Year Zero Engine .

For more information on this role-playing game of ALIEN, we refer to our review and interview that we conducted with Tomas Härenstam , co-founder and CEO of Free League Publishing, and author of ALIEN The Roleplaying Game.

For those who are interested to do the role-playing game of ALIEN, we provide some useful links to purchase:

ALIEN: basic Manual for physical ALIEN : basic Manual digital ALIEN : Chariot Of The Gods physical ALIEN : Chariot Of The Gods digital ALIEN : the Screen of the Master ALIEN : Custom Card Deck ALIEN : Set Dice ALIEN : Set Dice Stress ALIEN : Maps & Markers Pack physical ALIEN: Maps & Markers Pack digital


Best Layout and Design (GOLD) Best Writing (GOLD), Best Game (SILVER) Product of the Year (GOLD) MÖRK BORG is a role-playing game, pen-and-paper created from the studies of game and art design Swedish Ockult Örtmästare Games and the Stockholm Kartell and published by Free League Publishing, under the new label Free League Workshop . It is a Rpg fantasy apocalyptic extremely dark , violent and there is a space for any man to hope, and packaged in an artbook is really amazing. At the moment it is only available in English and Swedish , do you have news about a possible translation in Italian. For the mature content , is earnestly deprecated the use of this product to an audience under the age of sixteen years.

For more information about MÖRK BORG, we refer to our review and interview that we carried out of the Skin, Nilsson, and Johan Nohr , the authors of this “ product of the year ”.

For those who are interested to do the role-playing game of MÖRK BORG , we provide some useful links to purchase:

MÖRK BORG: basic Manual for physical MÖRK BORG: basic Manual digital you Are of the avid fans of Free League Publishing? On DrivethruRPG you can find all of their products.

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