Super Gutteridge Sale: up to 80% discount on polo shirts, jackets and more

Super Gutteridge Sale: up to 80% discount on polo shirts, jackets and more
Last week we brought you the fantastic offers of Gutteridge in which there were numerous polo shirts and t-shirts on sale, but now the well-known clothing brand made in Italy has updated its pages again by reducing the price on new items. Among the many offers enclosed in this initiative are included shirts, jackets and dresses in quantity, so we invite you to visit the dedicated page again because there are discounts that in some cases even exceed 80%.

know this brand (which is somewhat unlikely), you must know that we are talking about a company that is based on the ancient Neapolitan sartorial tradition, with attention to the smallest details to ensure perfect adaptation. The fabrics are numerous and obviously include linen and cotton, as well as the color that is available from white to black and adapts to each customer, thanks also to the flexible and shaped fit. Among the new products on promotion, the cargo bermuda stands out, which is sold for only € 15.00 instead of € 82.00, or the linen shirt available in 12 colors which is sold for € 39.00 instead of € 82. € 00.

If, on the other hand, you are fond of complete clothes, you cannot miss this blue cotton dress which, thanks to the discounts, is sold for less than € 100.00 with shipping included. These are just some of the products that have received a price reduction, so the best thing to do is to dedicate 5 minutes of your time to take a look at the Gutteridge catalog. Also, do not forget to take a look at our four Telegram channels dedicated to the offers, where we report in real time the best prices relating to technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products.

our products

Jacket to dress in cotton | 69,00€ ( 165,00€ ) Pants for cotton dress | 29,00€ ( 82,00€ ) linen Shirt | 39,00€ ( 82,00€ ) Bermuda cargo linen | 15,00€ ( 82,00€ ) Jacket for dress, in linen woven with patch pockets | 89,00€ ( 215,00€ ) Trousers with pleats for wedding linen twine | 39,00€ ( 99,00€ ) Pants dress micro texture | 39,00€ ( 99,00€ ) Shirt collar half open muslin | 29,00€ ( 82,00€ ) Shirt in cotton with a micro texture | 29,00€ ( 82,00€ )

Offers still available the T-shirt half sleeve linen striped | 15,00€ ( 32,00€ ) T-shirt, linen half sleeve | 15,00€ ( 32,00€ ) Polo basic pique | 19,00€ ( 42,00€ ) Polo-neck Korean | 19,00€ ( 42,00€ ) Cotton Polo-neck shirt | 19,00€ ( 49,00€ ) Polo piqué stretch ribbed | 19,00€ ( 49,00€ ) piquet Polo shirt ribbed neck | 15,00€ ( 49,00€ ) Polo shirt in cotton piquet melange | 15,00€ ( 49,00€ ) Polo neck shirt with chest pocket | 19,00€ ( 42,00€ ) Polo neck shirt in cotton, striped | 19,00€ ( 49,00€ )

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