Fortnite: will other Marvel heroes come after Captain America?

Fortnite: will other Marvel heroes come after Captain America?
The Fortnite universe never ceases to give surprises, even after a few days since the release of the most recent update, some dataminers have already managed to find out what the players are careful about in the future of successful battle royale. After the addition of the long-awaited cars, it seems that the highly populated island is about to welcome a new wave of superheroes from the house of ideas, Marvel.

It is not the first time that the Epic Games title opens its doors to American superheroes, and after the arrival of Captain America and villain Thanos, the next to tread the soil of Fortnite could be Thor and Galactus. What makes us think of the veracity of these upcoming news, in addition to the discoveries of the dataminers, is the strong collaboration carried out for some time between Marvel and Epic Games which today seems more solid than ever.


The "HighTower" event audio file leaked yesterday put into an image looks like Galactus Augen

Also one of the leaked comic books contains a image of Thor!

- ValorFN • Fortnite Leaks (@valorfnleaks) August 6, 2020

According to the latest discoveries made by some dataminers, the next superheroes who will appear in Fortnite will be Thor and Galactus. As happens more and more often, everything was discovered within the game files, where some images were leaked that leave no room for speculation. The undisputed protagonists of the images found are precisely Thor and Galactus; Impossible not to notice the mythical Mjolnir of the god of thunder and the iconic helmet of the world devourer.

At the moment Epic has not yet announced anything about it, but it is possible that the two new Marvel characters may be at the center of a future event dedicated to them. What do you think of this new discovery made by dataminers? What other superheroes would you like to see in Fortnite soon?

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