Fortnite: how to light the bonfires in Campo Merluzzo

Fortnite: how to light the bonfires in Campo Merluzzo
As there has not been a new update for Fortnite, for this week fans can rely on the new challenges introduced by Epic Games in the successful battle royale. As is frequently the case now, the vast majority of these challenges are very simple to accomplish. As for the challenge we will deal with in this mini guide, we will clarify how to light the bonfires in Campo Merluzzo.

First of all, you need to know that to complete this challenge of week 8, it will be necessary to light three bonfires in the designated area. The first step, of course, will be to reach the Campo Merluzzo area, which is located in the southern part of Gattogril. Once you have reached the place also indicated by the name of the challenge, now there is nothing left to do but set the three bonfires on fire.

To light a bonfire, you first need to collect the right amount of wood. After that, all you need to do is approach the extinguished bonfire and interact with it. It should be noted that you will not always need the same amount of wood. In fact, if the bonfire is out, you will need a quantity of wood equal to 30 units; if the bonfire is already lit you will need 300 to feed the blazing flames.

This isn't one of the most complex challenges to be honest, but it certainly is one of the most interesting of this week 8. What about it? do you think of the challenges proposed in Fortnite this week? Have you already completed any of them?

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