Fortnite: cars have turned players into taxi drivers

Fortnite: cars have turned players into taxi drivers
Last week Fortnite was updated with the update that brought the game to version 13.40. One of the most anticipated novelties by the players of the successful battle royale were cars, a new means of locomotion that is making it possible to move around the island in great comfort; but not only. By playing the Epic Games title today, you will be able to run into some totally peaceful players who will act as taxi drivers, taking you around the map.

Maybe tired of taking up arms to throw themselves into guerilla warfare all over the island, many players are preferring to drive the Taxi added with the latest update to go and pick up other players and take them around. Definitely a new way of seeing Provide everything new, a perspective that obviously does not lead to real victory but that manages to give some really nice moments within the games.

The taxi service is good around here from FortNiteBR

Turning around the web, you can already find several testimonies of players who have been impressed by the taxi drivers recently present in Fortnite. One of them, the Reddit user known by the nickname "Reflective Ruby" stated the following: "I am using the taxi in the game. I like to do it while staying friendly and a lot of other players don't give me a shot. "

Definitely an experience that is upsetting some rules and rhythms within Fortnite games, but all of this is offering truly memorable and precious moments. What do you think of what is happening with taxi drivers in the hit Epic Games title? Have you already managed to meet any taxi drivers in your matches?

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