Forbidden Lands: the review

Forbidden Lands: the review
Created by Free League Publishing, a Swedish production house also known as Fria Ligan, Forbidden Lands is a "pen and paper" role-playing game that aims to offer the old school gaming experience enriched by a series of new ones. and interesting mechanics. In Forbidden Lands, players will not play the role of indomitable and valiant heroes but rather those of "scoundrels and raiders" who will have to do everything to survive in a cursed world, where the inhabitants themselves cannot distinguish truth from legend and where often one gives life to another, to the point of leaving an indelible mark.

Attention: at the time of writing Forbidden Lands it is only available in English: each translation here present will therefore be considered non official.

The Product

As usual, before going into the details of the game, let's take a look at the product itself.

Faithful right from the start to its mission of wanting to bring the taste of the Old School back to the table, Forbidden Lands comes with a box aimed at containing the manuals (impossible not to think of the old BECMI system by D&D).

Inside, in addition to the two volumes of which the work is composed, the first in directed to the players and the other to those who will take on the role of the Game Master, we find a map of the game setting, a sheet of detach / attach stickers (on which we will return later) and finally a booklet dedicated to the creation of Legends, Adventures and Monsters.

Speaking of the materials, we can only say that we are absolutely satisfied. The two main volumes, hardcover, scream attention to quality from every point of view. In this regard, the choice to simulate a leather upholstery again brings to mind those who wrote some old volumes of the second edition of D&D.

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