Fortnite: cut to the price of V Bucks and Pickaxe for free

Fortnite: cut to the price of V Bucks and Pickaxe for free
Although there are no big news or Fortnite updates for this week, Epic Games has recently updated the in-game store by offering two big news to all fans of the successful battle royale. In addition to a new Pickaxe to be redeemed for free for all interested parties, the price of the V Bucks, the game currency, has also been cut. In the meantime, what will be the Challenges of weeks 9 and 10 have also been revealed in advance.

Let's start with the Pickaxe as a gift. Epic Games wanted to redeem the collection item called Shooting for the Stars at no cost, a Pickaxe perfectly in keeping with Season 3 currently still underway. Above all, the top of this pickaxe refers to the meteorite that can also be seen often and willingly throughout the season and inside the Battle Pass with the features of a hang glider.

As for the price cuts of the V Bucks, Epic Games has decided to reduce microtransactions by 20%. This change has been made on all digital stores such as: PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and of course also on PC via Epic Games Store. The prices at the moment are as follows:

1.000 V-Buck: 7.99 € 2.800 V-Buck: 19.99 € 5.000 V-Buck: 31.99 € 13.500 V-Buck: 79.99 € This is a way proposed by Epic Games to allow Fortnite fans to be able to buy more Skins and cosmetic items than before. What do you think of the cut made on the V Bucks? Have you already redeemed the free Pickaxe?

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