FIFA 21 FUT, the preview of all the news

FIFA 21 FUT, the preview of all the news


Microtransactions New ways to play Old ways to play Changes Certainties and doubts Despite being central to the FIFA 21 project, it is difficult to think of major upheavals in FUT, the mode that mixes a managerial and a collectible card game to classic FIFA gameplay. Also this year, however, EA Sports has tried to improve Ultimate Team, going to smooth out those things that don't work and trying to expand the variety of options and modes available. In this preview of FIFA 21 FUT we are going to present you all the news designed by EA Sports for this edition.

However, we must remember that the new gameplay features, which we told you about in our FIFA 21 trial, are valid also and especially for FUT. The changes designed to give more personality to different players, to give more importance to the strong ones tactically or to make both the attacking and defensive phases of a team more effective, in fact, will help to improve the enjoyment of Ultimate Team in its entirety. .


For the rest it is difficult to think how to modify and improve a product that on the one hand grinds tens of millions of dollars every year and on the other has no competitors that make necessary changes of course or put fresh and functional ideas on the plate. A situation that makes every novelty a potential hitch to a "perfect" machine, which EA obviously has no intention of jamming. Perfect because, despite the complaints of the most vocal fans, the numbers of FUT continue to grow and to drag with it the eSport mode, both objectives of primary importance for the American publisher.

The numbers recorded by the FUT are so important to take EA Sports to "challenge" the law of some countries, who are trying to put a brake to the microtransactions of the game, by comparing it with gambling. "The philosophy that we follow when we build FIFA ," said EA Sports in an interview, " is to create a system that is very generous in the prizes that are given to players. You can play around freely and each thing gives you the resources and objects to create your own team without spending money. We have created new goals to achieve, so everyone can get new items in new ways. Also the victory depends on the skill of the players, not by microtransactions and then you can win without spending a penny ."

From these words we can infer that not only EA Sports refuses to review its economic model, but that also rejects the allegations that FIFA 21 is a pay-to-win.

How to advance then?

New ways to play

Trying to create an experience for all, with more game modes, bonuses and challenges as well as to involve a greater numbers of players, not just those that are more competitive. Simplifying, for example, the steps to connect to a friend, to invite him into their game and play together. Added a widget to be able to enter immediately into a lobby of friends. Just press R2/RT to join them.

FIFA 21, you has the ability to play 2 vs. 2 in the company of another person of their own friends list and make sure that the result worth in the calculation of Division Rivals or Squad Battles of the week. We will meet with other couples of friends, but you can also try to defy a single user. In the same way single players can choose not to collide against couples. Will be the captain, or the person who created the room, to have control on the team used. While he is the one that has the highest level to determine the strength of their opponents.

To simplify the coordination between the two players, it will be possible to enable the "trainer" of the companion in order to see what is going on in the field, what he is doing and what he's aiming for even before it is put in place. During the game you can unlock certain objectives related to the way of being in the field (steps, facts, shots, and things of this kind) that will help increase the understanding between the two players and also give you experience points.

of course, you can also make simple friendly 2-on-2 with which to improve the fellowship without affect on your score weekly. Will it be possible to use custom rules (Classic, Mystery Ball, Swaps, King of the hill, Max Chemistry, Headers & Volleys, Survival, Long Range, No Rules) in the event that you want.

FIFA 21, there will also be new events dedicated to the community . In other words, are the goals set and the whole community of players will have to contribute to them through its performance to unlock special prizes.

Very similar will be the events related to the Teams. EA Sports gives you a few teams to choose from (the stronger of the Premier, those of the Champions League for example) and players must choose a side. Once that's done, through individual performance, will contribute to the score of their team. The result, then, will determine the rewards you have unlocked, many of which are linked to the history of the club selected, with which to prove its participation in the event. Also, everyone will know the team you chose, generating a bit of healthy competition between the players.

In a manner similar to accesses in Splatoon 2 , the team that wins the competition, then, will earn even more prizes.

the Old ways of play

Have been revised also the main modes. The goal is to try to create less divisions between those who play to the Squad Battles and who is put to the test through the Division Rivals. This has been recalculated the way in which it is placed within a division as opposed to another in-Division Rivals . Those who were accustomed to play against the I. A. could find this system punitive and a little tempting. In FIFA 21 the first 30 games of Squad Battles will be used to determine the Division in which it is inserted, while the later ones for the ranking. This creates a learning curve that's less steep, given that the first few times you will be paired with players with the same background. Those who want to use the classic method of five games will do that by being able to count on a more effective system of calculation skills. Will be given away even more coins each time you reach a higher Division.

will Debut a " cap " of matches in Division Rivals, given the good results of Squad Battles. After the first 30 match are no longer to add points to the value weekly, but starting later will be used to achieve the Goals or to earn a better skill rating.

In the Squad Battle, moreover, the leaderboards have been expanded to the first 200, so as to give more people the chance to win prizes. You will be able to earn new coins through the friendly matches.


another way designed to entice the players to stay on FUT is to give them more options to customize your team and show off their "personality". In FIFA 21, for example, there will be dozens of different options to customize the stadiums. You can choose new lights, new stands and covers. There will also be new options to customize the fans, with chants new songs, choreography and elements of this type. You can also customize the entrance of the teams, or zoom in on the plant as you proceed in the game. You can always choose to play in one of the many stages on the license, in case you want to feel inside of the San Siro or the Bernabeu.

Speaking of icons , there will be over 100, among which stand out the debut of champions such as Xavi, Cantona and Lahm. Have been revised the statistics used to define the strength of the players, so you can avoid having problems and oddities that have emerged in the past few years, during the creation of the cards IF or similar. In FIFA 21, it will be possible to raise only a parameter to see to improve a specific basic (the free kicks and penalties still and not demand more unpiù high value in steps to be more effective), avoiding in this way that players, in theory, the most powerful in the field are less effective.

another change that is really important is the disappearance of the values in fitness and training, defined, now the secondary. Each player will start the match full of energy and then you will be far greater on the basis of its physical characteristics. In this way, players can focus on aspects more central to the experience, in addition to concentrating the resources on the market. For this reason, have been simplified the objects to curate: will be of two types: common and rare. Moreover, it seems that there will be variations on how to calculate the chemistry of the team, even if at the moment the team has not wanted to share the details.

another change to be quite useful for the purpose of quality of life in FUT is the ability to call the screen of team management with a single key. Of course, the innovations designed to make more fluid the gameplay, as the presence of only one replay after a goal is scored or the presence of minor movies that break up the action, also apply in the FUT.

another information imported is that thanks to the Dual Entitlement will be possible to bring all of the progress made in FUT from PS4 to PS5 without additional costs. The same will be, of course, also possible on Xbox.

Also this year, FUT is going to be the mode, prince of FIFA 21. The new features introduced, in fact, do not change the substance of this much-loved mode, but serve to expand the available options and giving the players lots of other excuses to slingshot on the server to play, win awards, expand their team and, why not, spend money to speed up this process. The team that wins does not change, therefore, but the effort to make everything more complete, fluid, and interesting, there is everything. Waiting to find out the various balances in the rewards and, above all, in the gameplay.

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