Feltrinelli's yellow month: big discounts on many best sellers!

Feltrinelli's yellow month: big discounts on many best sellers!
Feltrinelli brings the best crime novelists to the bookstores of fans with a new promotion called "The Yellow Month". Until August 31, thanks to the discount code "GIALLOFREE", interested parties can buy the best books from a wide selection without any shipping costs. In this article we explain how to access the initiative and the best books to take with your eyes closed.

"Il Mese del Giallo" by La Feltrinelli offers many stories that tell mysterious investigations, smart detectives and mainly all those atmospheres that only a yellow can create. Among the many products on offer, we recommend The Assassin sees us very well - the long night of Contrera by Christian Frascella at 17.10 euros instead of 18.00 euros or The cook of Alcyon by Andrea Camilleri at 13.30 euros instead of 14.00 euros. Even Noir lovers can find bread for their teeth with The elect of Jeffery Deaver for 19 euros or with the best seller If Stephen King's blood flows for only 20.80 euros.

Given the large number of books compatible with the promotion of "Il Mese del Giallo", we offer below a selection of the best offers - according to our point of view. Nevertheless, we advise you to consult the complete list of articles at the following address, so that you can see firsthand all the proposals of La Feltrinelli. Finally, before leaving to shop, we invite you to also follow us on Telegram, where you can find hundreds of offers on technology, hardware, smartphones and Chinese products.

To redeem the free shipping, as specified earlier, you must use the discount code “ GIALLOFREE ” at the time of payment. In particular, you need to enter the coupon in the field “Have a discount code?” and then click the button “Insert”. Make sure the acceptance of the system before making the payment.

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The killer sees us very well. The long night of Contrera, Christian Frascella | 17,10€ ( 18,00€ ) the cook of The Alcyon Andrea Camilleri | 13,30€ ( 14,00€ ) The elect Jeffery Deaver | 19,00€ ( 20,00€ ) If flows the blood of Stephen King | 20,80€ ( 21,90€ ) the Double silence of Gianni Farinetti | 13,30€ ( 14,00€ ) strange weather of Joe Hill | 20,80€ ( 21,90€ ) The human factor by Graham Greene | 14,25€ ( 15,00€ ) The fallen leaves of Wilkie Collins | 17,10€ ( 18,00€ ) the First floor on the corpse of Leo Malet | 14,25€ ( 15,00€ ) The death of the Beautiful Georges Simenon | 11,40€ ( 12,00€ )

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The yellow not to be missed Thriller and Noir The classic Yellow Detective serial

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