Saint Seiya, Hades Myth Cloth EX arrives from Tamashii Nations

Saint Seiya, Hades Myth Cloth EX arrives from Tamashii Nations
For the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX line, the evil Hades arrives directly from the underworld. It is a brand new figure that continues and renews the series itself since the basic body, in addition to having a series of joints inherited from the previous models, is renewed with the use of metal couplings to better support the weight of the massive armor.

Hades, the God of the dead is the protagonist of the last narrative arc of Saint Seiya. The series begins shortly after the battle of Neptune and the young Bronze Horsemen will have to deal with some old acquaintances and various Specters, the Hades army. During the part nicknamed Sanctuary, the five protagonists will get a new armor - called final cloth - that comes back to life thanks to Athena's blood at the hands of the powerful Shion, the old High Priest and Former Aries Knight. After passing through hell and defeating various enemies, the Knights of Athena arrive in the Elysian Fields, where the body of Hades lies with which they will collide.

As we wrote above Hades introduces the new type of articulated body called "EX Metal Body". With the aid of metal reinforcements at the joint points most subject to wear, Tamashii Nations ensures that the figures are highly resistant to the most dynamic poses. The figure will be entirely covered by its bright and very dark divine armor decorated with silver parts and many wings. Just to sanction the passage and change towards a new type of concept, the brand has (finally) decided to adopt a fabric cloak with iron wire grafts so that it can be arranged at will. We remind those who do not know that the current Myth Cloth EX have cloaks made entirely of rigid plastic and the use of a material such as fabric can only improve its visual impact.

Hades Myth Cloth will be available from the month of December 2020 February 2020 in Italy, thanks to the Cosmic Group) at a cost of 17.600 Yen

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