Fall Guys: The Fallen One is the strongest in the world, that's who he is

Fall Guys: The Fallen One is the strongest in the world, that's who he is
If there's one thing that's helping to increase the popularity of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, it's the way the development team is using their game's Twitter profile. Even before its launch, the social channel was flooded with nice tweets that led to interaction with both fans and other development teams from around the world. The latest gimmick highlights The Fallen Guy, a player with a mysterious identity.

The new idea flashed in the minds of the developers is to give the next Skin to debut in the in-game store to the best player ever of Fall Guys. It must be said that at the moment there is no way to understand who is the first on the list of the best players. This is because the game still lacks any ranking, and this does not even allow the development team to identify the player who should have already obtained the new Skin before all the others.

WE FOUND HIM @DrLupo #TheFallenOne https://t.co/LGJ3QChsYX

- Fall Guys 👑 (@FallGuysGame) August 21, 2020

This elusive and mysterious The Fallen Guy doesn't it's still open, so it could easily be one of you. To confirm this, just check that you have a novelty in your Skins that has not yet appeared in Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. Obviously the hunt has also started on the web, so as to unmask the secret identity of this mysterious player in possession of a legendary Skin.

Certainly in this summer videogame Fall Guys is giving us great moments of quality, and this also thanks to the continuous posts almost from a meta game published on Twitter. What do you think of this latest novelty that appeared in the world of Fall Guys? Have you already checked that you are not in possession of any legendary Skin?

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