Donny Cates is ready for Batman and DC

Donny Cates is ready for Batman and DC
Donny Cates is perhaps at the moment, along with Jonathan Hickman, the leading author of Marvel. He made Venom the pivotal head of a cosmic sub-universe with enormous potential, and far from the comic excesses of that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and recently took over the reins of Thor for a "relaunch" after the excellent management signed by Jason Aaron.

Cates is also ready to launch into the arena of big events with King in Black, which will start in December in the United States, starring Knull or the Deity of Symbiotes - a being of pure evil intent on banishing the light that in the past created the artificial home planet of Venom, Klyntar, and the All-Black sword, important in the new mythology of Thor.

A necessary premise because in the light of what has been said, the interview is truly unique granted by the writer to Chuck Lindsay during the virtual event Mainframe Comic Con.

Donny Cates in fact spoke in depth about his creator-owned series and his present and future at Marvel, to which he is linked with a exclusive contract, but we also wanted to stop surprisingly on… DC!

The Texan writer has confirmed that he has a five-year run for Batman ready, confessing however that unfortunately some things he had in mind no longer go well but that it would still be interesting to rework.

Then revealed that he was contacted by DC about a relaunch of John Constantine: Hellblazer. Here too he presented an approved pitch, which however did not see the light because in the meantime the Marvel offer had arrived. However, hope is the last to die and for this he hopes one day to see it published.

Cates has many ideas for DC: a relaunch of The Authority and one for The Question. He then concluded the speech by saying that whenever his contract expires, DC always knocks on his door.

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