Cyberpunk 2077, the Night City Wire 2 and our impressions

Cyberpunk 2077, the Night City Wire 2 and our impressions
Cyberpunk 2077 is the most anticipated title of the end of 2020, impossible not to admit it. Despite the postponements, CD Projekt Red is working on an RPG that promises to be ambitious, complex and evocative like few others. Whether you are waiting for it for PS4 and Xbox One, whether you are a PC player or you want to wait for the updates (still without a date) for the future next gen, the journey inside Night City promises to be unique and full of adrenaline. Such high expectations have forced the Polish team to set up a constant and articulated channel of communication with its fans, which mainly revolves around the appointments with Night City Wire: yesterday's one, perhaps richer than the first a few weeks ago, gave us the opportunity to learn more about the origins of our character, the weapons available and the soundtrack. This morning we explored all the topics covered in a new preview, which we invite you to read, but we also enjoyed talking to each other, to try to understand what this streaming has left us, what doubts we still have and where exactly CD Projekt Red can't go wrong.

only One hero, different origins

In the Cyberpunk 2077 players take the role of V and, all together, we will live the same story written by the CD Prokekt. This is not to say, however, that we are all the same: the system ruolistico promises huge margins of personalization in their alter-ego, but also at the narrative level, we expect some choices. The first and most important is linked to our origin (the so-called Life Path ): Nomad, Street Kid, or the Body? A click at the beginning of the game, a simple choice within a screen, and we will be projected in the Badlands, home of the Nomad, rather than in the streets of Night City or inside a huge palace of one of the corporations that, in fact, govern in the city. Based on the Life Path that is selected will change the first few hours of the game but also, later, some lines of dialog available. In short, Night City is a dangerous place and to be able to point you in the shoes of those who are risking the skin, is an advantage.

Tell me which weapon to use and I'll tell you which player you are

The other big, full-bodied focus of the Night City Wire yesterday was the one about the weapons . The game will allow a series of very different approaches between them, more or less stealth but more or less related to the use of firearms. You will then be able to shoot but also to approach the enemy and hit them with the blades or other tools to "war", such as the powerful grafts that V will be implanting to improve their body. Yesterday we noted how, by choosing from the mouths the fire, you will still be able adopt different approaches: a more or less direct, perhaps taking advantage of the weapons Smart using bullets in research, able to hit opponents from behind the covers. There seems to be something for everyone. Among other things, there will also be a mod system through which you can apply improvements in rifles and guns, such as sights and rods changed, but also the chip that will change the way to shoot our arsenal. As we explained in our long-tried , in Cyberpunk 2077 there really is so much depth to expect, and what emerged yesterday is that to strengthen this opinion. Now all that remains is to wait patients on the 19th of November and hope that there are no further postponements.

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