Cuphead and Mugman come to life: a cosplay for perfect cups

Cuphead and Mugman come to life: a cosplay for perfect cups
Cuphead has recently returned to the center of attention, as you probably noticed by reading our review of Cuphead on PlayStation 4; in fact, few were expecting the arrival of this ex exclusive also on Sony consoles. Be that as it may, Cuphead and Mugman are also entitled to a cosplay.

So let's take advantage of one of the best in recent years: a cosplay dedicated to Cuphead and Mugman, in short, perfect cups. It was made husband and wife at the Orlando Megacon in 2018; currently unlikely event, due to the health emergency. The spouses actually had a huge success, so much so that they published the photos on somethingsosam (field Source of the article) also offering a tutorial to make the actual cups, that is the "heads" of the protagonists.

How you will imagine, the Cuphead themed cosplay are extremely complex to make, due to the artistic direction and style of the production of Studio MDHR, inspired by the cartoons (both disturbing and fascinating) of the 1930s. All the more reason, therefore, we are sure that you will appreciate the costumes. What do you think? Let us know with a nice comment.

The expected Cuphead DLC has now lost track, but we like to think that the more time passes, the more its quality will increase.


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