Keyforge Dark Tidings comes the new expansion

Keyforge Dark Tidings comes the new expansion
At the end of July, Fantasy Flight Games announced on Facebook the arrival of Dark Tidings, the fifth marine-themed expansion of Keyforge, the unique card game created by the inimitable Richard Garfield! But what's new in Keyforge Dark Tidings?

The news announced

According to the Fantasy Flight press release, Dark Tidings will arrive in the first quarter of 2021 (to be precise, in February according to the press release dedicated to the expansion appeared on Keyforge Italia on 30 July) and will introduce a number of new features such as:

House Unfathomable New mechanics "Tide" "Evil Twin" decks All the expansion will be marine-themed and, for the first time, players will be able to explore the vast oceans of the Crucible which, until now, have only been seen from afar through very few cards such as Mass Change's "Charybdis", for example.

House Unfathomable

Literally "House of the Unfathomable" or "of the Inscrutable" (more likely "House Abyssal" in the absence of an official Italian translation) will take the place of the evil House Dis for this expansion.

This curious and new family will be composed mainly of the Aquan, an alien species of the crucible officially seen for the first time in the Anomaly of Mondi in Collisione "Valucanto".

From press release, it seems that the Unfathomable will be joyfully dedicated to Running out of other creatures, a terrible game effect that can greatly slow down the forging of the keys.

Cards dedicated to the synergy with "Run out" will certainly be present so do not rejoice for the absence of Dis, a control is swapped for a control!

New Mechanics, “Tide”

With Dark Tidings will be introduced the mechanical “Tide” , always mentioned with in Worlds in Collision with “ Valucanto “. “Tide” will activate the special effects of the cards of Dark Tidings and will depend on the use of a particular paper “omni” is included in each Deck Archon of this new expansion pack that will allow you to exercise any control over the Tides of the Crucibolo.

is Not sure yet whether to have the Tide High or Low, will always be an advantage or a disadvantage for us or for our adversary but, looking at the paper in object is loaded on the release of Fantasy Flight , “raise the Tide” in your favor will impose a price of three Constraints !

This, given the price, it could imply that claim the tide itself will bring great benefits and, in addition, that a balance vis-à-vis the Decks Archon prior to Dark Tidings has been implemented, but we will see as soon as the first bunches will be available.

Decks “Twin Evil”

Dark Tidings introduces finally the dark decks that are nothing more than copying the evil of a Bunch Archon already existing in the expansion in the object . The creature cards in the deck “Twin Evil” (not all) are in fact different both in artistic terms and in terms of effects and will submit a copy of the more obscure creatures of Dark Tidings . These particular decks have been announced as very rare and, certainly, will offer exciting matches, if you were to use it against the twin good.

According to the above-mentioned press release of Keyforge Italy, not all of the creatures of this expansion will have a twin evil, but what now should have, been assured that in a deck “Twin Evil” will be present!


Not being able to count on many spoilers for future expansion, speculation can get up to a certain point.

Surely the introduction of the dynamic “Tide” raises questions such as: “The piles of old the tide will be able to control it? ” or “ How it is advantageous to have the tide high? “ but the answers will come, concretely, only during the future games, so any doubt is postponed until February.

A new House shakes for a good trim Keyforge and will be as enjoyable as these denizens of the deep will interact with the other inhabitants of the Crucible.

Remaining thus in expectation of Dark Tidings , take advantage of the time available to explore for a good Mutation to the ground !

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