Creative SXFI Gamer | Review

Creative SXFI Gamer | Review
Creative has long been focused on the production of headsets for gamers that take advantage of the new proprietary Super X-Fi technology. It is an innovation that allows you to reproduce a studio experience inside the headphones, giving life to extremely realistic and immersive sounds. We tried the new Creative SXFI Gamer which, as the name suggests, focus on offering the maximum sound experience to gamers.

Officially compatible with Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, smartphone and MAC, these headphones they gave us pleasant sensations, especially as regards the first person shooters, but also because of their unique characteristics that make them a must have for those who do not want to spend off-market figures and at the same time have a pair of quality headsets.

Design and ergonomics

The Creative SXFI Gamer are a pair of headphones of the highest quality, especially in materials. The imitation leather upholstery of the pavilions and the headrest is made of synthetic leather, but well above the standard quality seen in other headsets. It can be easily understood once worn: comfortable, never pressing too much on the ears. Obviously, the covering of the imitation leather pavilions is useful to better isolate the external sound, in fact, we hardly happened to pick up noise while playing.

On the right side of the headphones we can see all the buttons and inputs that we need. Let's start by saying that these Creative SXFI Gamers can be connected either through a 3.5 mm jack with headphone / microphone splitter or with a cable - covered in Kevlar - USB-C. For those who do not have a USB-C input on their computer, don't worry, in the package you can find an adapter.

Over to the audio inputs, one can notice an entrance to insert the detachable microphone CommanderMic, flexible, red LED light dedicated to signaling the silent era, while just below we have the key to turn off the RGB LEDS of the halls, completely customizable, thanks to the software SXFI. In the back there are the key dedicated to the technology SXFI that allows you to amplify the sounds with a number of modalities after we are going to analyze, the dial for adjusting the volume and the mute button for the microphone.


We come now to the most important and significant part, the quality of the audio. As we have said, Creative is focusing a lot on his Super X-Fi, therefore we could not avoid to try it in a careful way. For the occasion, we focused on two genres in particular, gaming and racing and first person shooters . In the first case we have tested Forza Horizon 4 PC, and we have exploited for the preview of Project Cars 3, in both cases, the general level was good, but nothing too exaggerated, even with the SXFI enabled. Certainly, we are speaking of positive impressions, but nothing extremely exciting. Everything changes with the FPS, really is another world, especially with the mode Battlemode which allows to detect with greater efficiency in the footsteps of the opponents around us. Usually this feature is reserved for those who use a mix amp to be quite expensive, but thanks to Battlemode everything is available without having to purchase additional devices.

trying it with Rainbow Six Siege, Battefield V, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Escape From Tarkov, we have found a number of features really useful for the purposes of gameplay , especially with Escape From Tarkov, and Rainbow Six Siege, two titles in which the movements are fundamental. In both games we could hear every single step the enemy, even tens of meters away, creating an advantage is anything but obvious. In reality, we were quite straniti by the fact that the title that gave us mixed feelings is Counter Strike Global Offensive; steps were heard, and were more pronounced compared to other headset common, but we have not noticed the great difference that we expected. In general, however, the technology at the Super X-Fi it seems very interesting and it also works very well. If Creative were to continue to improve, we could really have one of the special features the most effective in a headset from gaming.

Even without SXFI, headphones prove to be of a quality equal to their price list eur 129,99 euros, a price that we believe is justified for what they offer. The 50 mm driver with a frequency response of 20-20.000 Hz provide a volume of low enjoyable, allowing you to be able to listen to music in a pleasant way, while not being born mainly for this reason.

galvanize all of us think the two software SXFI. The first you can download it on PC via the website Creative to also change the LED lights of their headphones, in addition to balance with the equalizer in the audio, while the other you can use it on your smartphone via an app and allows you to create a custom profile according to our of our face, simply by making us take three pictures – the ears and face. Let's say that the most tedious part is the fact that it will serve to have another person to the photo.

We come, finally, to the brackets of the microphone. It is not easy to find one that is able fully to satisfy, but in this case we can say they were surprised by the CommanderMic with pop filter and integrated technology SXFI inPerson useful to try to eliminate the background noise. In general, the environmental sounds around us remain, but their presence is much reduced, allowing us to speak with more clarity, in particular when the microphone is at the height of the mouth. If you use a mechanical keyboard, then, it is possible that the noise you experience, also a minimum. The microphone is still valuable, more than we expected.

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