Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, 5 aspects we discovered about the gameplay

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, 5 aspects we discovered about the gameplay


Dribbling Spirit Training Tactics Finishing Thanks to Bandai Namco we were able to better analyze some aspects of the gameplay of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, a title now in the pipeline on the 28th of this month on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. From the analysis carried out, we were able to better understand some features of the game's gameplay that were previously hidden. So here are 5 aspects that we discovered about the gameplay of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.


As we have already explained to you on several occasions, a fundamental role dribbling will cover it within the title. Every time we saw the title in action, the impression was that more than the single skill of the player used, the core of the gameplay revolved around the player's ability to use the dribbling possibilities offered with timing. Thanks to the analysis carried out, we therefore deduced that the impression was correct. The game offers a system similar to that of "rock-paper-scissor" applied to dribbling and tackling, in which the timing and choices of the player will make the difference between success and failure during an action.

The forwards have, therefore, two possibilities of dribbling: the one in the shot taken with the pressure of the R1 while running, and then the techniques of dribbling to run with the press of R2. Similarly, in defence, the player will be able to run to meet the adversary with the R1 for a contrast normal or to enter the slip with R2 (or circle, in the alternative) to happen in a tackle more aggressive. The choice of which solution to carry out it triggers the system of "paper-rock-scissors", as quoted above: if the attacker chooses to press the R1 will be able to win against the defender using R2, but it will lose against the one who will choose to use R1, while if you opt for a technique of dribbling you will win against the defender using R1 but you will lose against the one who makes a slip with R2. In contrast, in the defense of the contrast with the R1 will beat the dribble with R1 and the slip with R2, will beat the technique of dribbling with R2.

the Spirit

"As we have repeatedly had a way to tell you, the use of advanced techniques during the matches will consume the "spirit" of the players. Parades, throws-special techniques of dribbling and slips dilapideranno this bar, making it less effective your future actions, taking more and more in critical situations. The use of spirit and the prudent reasoning of the actions will be fundamental in the game. In this context, therefore, we discovered that the operation of the spirit of the goalkeeper acts in a peculiar manner compared to the rest of the other players. If the spirit of the characters of movement you charging in time, the keeper will instead be recovered only to the range or after a goal. Defend evil and to solicit our goalkeeper to continuous parades, or even force him to have to use a special technique for consuming so much of the spirit, it may cost us very dear in the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. To remove the chestnuts from the fire, however, you can use a last resort: the bar the focus of the Area V . During the game, in fact, the indicator of the Area V you will load, allowing you a time filled of exploit a sort of "concentration" when you have possession of the ball to consume less spirit with the actions. If this bar the spoon full, however, and not the use in possession of the ball, you can use it (by pressing L2) to a super parade to be used as a wildcard in case your door is nearly at the end of the spirit.


One of the few ways not explained during the pre-launch of the title was the section training . Thanks to this analysis we were able to glean some details about it. First of all, we will make the test matches, without timer time, in which to test the teams, the players, and also the synergies that can be used for possible combined techniques between the players. We can in fact exploit fully the opportunities that are offered by team Misaki and Tsubasa in the free kick and train in the use of their combination of steps. In addition to this, however, the training mode will allow you to get in specific situations such as corner, the contrasts and the dribbling. This possibility is certainly very important considering that, for example, in the question of "paper-rock-scissors" situations, dribbling and contrast, it will be essential to train the reflexes and to accustom the eye to recognize the animations dedicated to R1 and R2 for win the fighting and make the best choices.


we told You like in the options menu dedicated to the management of the rose there is the possibility of selection of specific tactics and assign them to the four keys of the cross directional. Although so far not clear this feature , thanks to the new analysis we have been able to capture some of the details. Once you have chosen a tactic to assign to a key of the cross, you will be able during the game to give such an order and to play to the players involved in a given action. For example, if we choose the "combo overlap" by selecting Hiroshi Jito, and the brothers Tachibana in the japanese national, by assigning it to the down key of the cross, we will be able to during the match and drop three players from the defensive tasks by invoking them on the attack. Not only is this possibility creates dynamic important at the level of strategy, but offers an opportunity with regard to the special techniques combined. Having in fact the right players in the right position, we will be able to perform special techniques both to throw that pass that they will see the pressure of the keys with the right timing. Bring forward Jito and the Tachibana Bros. could for example be a possibility to force the spin that sees them protagonists in attack, allowing the twins to jump on the legs of Jito to make their special roll of the combination of the japanese national seen also in the trailer.


The last element extracted from the analysis was the finishing of some details also at the functional level. One of the "critical" moves to the title in this pre-launch has been the excessive invasiveness of some of the graphics during the match. The shape of the players, the bars , the indicators on the screen, and much more left little to the real game going to obscure parts of the plot of the game. Comparing the various images, we found that these reports would seem to have been heard, with the graphics significantly shrunken. From what you've seen, no information has been compromised, everything remains readable and also the visibility of the actions on the screen is improved.

What we could see of the gameplay of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions to us confirmation that it is in fact a title is layered, offering the practical possibilities both at the level of the tactical skill of the player. The output of the title is now at the gates, and to understand how it behaves will have to wait for the proof of the pudding made from the review. The premises are attractive, the game has the cards in rule to be a football arcade fun and now we just have to wait for the return of Captain Tsubasa.

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