Ban WeChat and Tik Tok: iPhone sales forecast down 30%

Ban WeChat and Tik Tok: iPhone sales forecast down 30%
The ban on using Tik Tok and WeChat in the US will take effect from the beginning of next month. Meanwhile, through a survey on the largest Eastern Social Weibo, it turned out that 95% of Chinese users with an iPhone would change their smartphone to one from another brand in order to be able to use WeChat again.

All this could cost Apple very dearly: in fact, an enormous economic loss of the iPhone segment is estimated up to 30%.

In light of this, many companies have asked the Trump administration to lift the ban and Apple is one of them. On the other hand, the answer is always the same: National security must be guaranteed, there is no evidence that the Chinese Apps are committing illegal but in this way it will drastically limit that they can only think about doing it.

Let's do pretend to put ourselves in the shoes of a Chinese person. You should know that if the ban forbade the use of the application, even abroad, an individual would even be unable to quickly pay for a McDonalds menu or a Starbucks breakfast (not surprisingly, American companies). This is because the App is widely used for fast payments and the Chinese are very smart from this point of view. This could in the long run be frustrating and entice customers to switch chains, perhaps choosing a Chinese one.

For now, the ban is quite smoky. In the sense that yes, it is planned and there will be, but the way in which the transactions connected to it will be treated (such as the example of electronic payment just described) is far from clear for now.

If all of this is realized, some reports say Apple will be the hardest hit and could lose as much, even up to 30% of subsequent sales. Clearly towards other brands in which WeChat and all the other Apps can be used for life.

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