Attack on Twitter: the mind is Graham Ivan Clark

Attack on Twitter: the mind is Graham Ivan Clark
A third name is added to those that emerged on Saturday (Mason Sheppard, Nima Fazeli) as regards those responsible for the attack on Twitter last month: it is that of Graham Ivan Clark. Resident in Tampa, Florida, 17, he is not simply an accomplice, but the mastermind of the plan that brought the defenses of the social network to its knees and violated 130 high-profile accounts by stealing about $ 121,000 in Bitcoin from their most naive followers.

Graham Ivan Clark is the author of the Twitter hit

He is now given the responsibility for recruiting Sheppard and Fazeli asking them to circulate some employees of the platform thus obtaining the necessary credentials for strike the blow. The methods used are still not entirely clear. Twitter talks about an "attack aimed at deceiving some employees by leveraging human vulnerabilities to gain access to internal systems."

The security set for his release pending trial can be set in $ 725,000. By the same admission of the lawyer who defends Graham Ivan Clark, his client has an equivalent of approximately $ 3 million in Bitcoin, claiming they are all of legitimate origin. In support of his thesis, the fact that at the end of another legal proceeding in recent months have not been subjected to kidnapping, but left in his availability.

There are 17 charges, 11 of which are related to fraudulent use of personal information, others for organized fraud and access to computers and electronic devices without authorization. He will now have to remain confined to his home wearing a monitoring device and without the possibility of accessing the Internet.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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