8 million to startups with the AccelerORA program!

8 million to startups with the AccelerORA program!
8 million euros to be made available to a total of 50 startups under the AccelerORA program! This is the amount of the investment approved by CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione, made through the Accelerators Fund with the stated aim of supporting the business of the most deserving new entrepreneurial realities in the seed and pre-seed phase.

CDP Venture Capital Sgr - FNI: 8 million for AccelerORA!

The sum will be allocated to various operations located in the south of the country, in co-investment with the Italia Venture II Fund. The initiative sees the collaboration of six primary national accelerators and has already been able to generate an attractive effect of investments for a total value that exceeds 22 million euros. Tap into categories like fashion, AgriTech, MedTech, E-commerce, Education, FinTech, Software B2B, SaaS and Digital Community. Below is the comment by Enrico Resmini, CEO and General Manager of CDP Venture Capital SGR.

The result of AccelerORA! makes us proud, not only for having managed to help promising and deserving realities in a difficult phase following the COVID-19 emergency, but also for having generated, thanks to the credibility of the investment of an institutional actor, the increase in fund raising capacity of companies. This result goes in the direction of making Venture Capital a cornerstone of the country's economic development and innovation, creating the conditions for an overall and sustainable growth of the entire ecosystem.

operations are performed from accelerators, investors, third parties or shareholders in the matching grant compared to the capital invested by the Fund Accelerators. Each startup will be recognized up to 300.000 euro, depending on the specific needs, thus supporting the growth in the initial stages of the life cycle, accompanying them to the collection of further rounds of investment.

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