13 board and role-playing games for those who love fantasy!

13 board and role-playing games for those who love fantasy!
Do you love Fantasy? We have selected 13 titles between RPGs and board games taken from the best products in circulation that deal with this theme! Products suitable both for an evening with friends and to face exciting solitaire when you find yourself with the "desire to play" but no friends in the area!

The sense of the fantastic is a feeling that accompanies man since dawn of time. The birth of legends and superstitions was the attempt to give an explanation to those natural phenomena to which humanity was unable to give answers. Thus the myth is born, a narration invested with sacredness relating to the origins of the world and of the creatures that populate it and have populated it. Often this narrative sees heroes, gods, spirits and monstrous creatures as the protagonists of these sacred stories.

With this article, therefore, we want to appeal to the sense of the fantastic that is in each of us and recommend a selection of products , between role-playing games and boxed games, to live a satisfying fantasy experience at home.

First, let's spend a few words on how we came to talk about fantasy today, a genre that up to not many years ago it was considered little more than childish.

A brief excursus on the fantasy genre

Mesopotamian mythology with the epic of Gilgamesh and classical Greco-Roman mythology, among which stand out epic poems such as the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid represent the first forms of fantastic literature, often with the aim of transmitting teachings or messages, including political ones, through the powerful medium of allegory.

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