Robotech - A Macross Saga Role Playing Game

Robotech - A Macross Saga Role Playing Game
Robotech - A Macross Saga Role Playing Games, published in Italy by SpaceOrange42, is a setting module for the Savage Worlds game system that brings the famous Japanese animated series of the 80s to the table.

In Robotech the players they will be called to take on the role of the brave and skilled pilots of the Veritech transformable fighters, fight against the alien Zentrade threat and save humanity.

Or, if they wish, they can decide to belong to the opposite faction and alter the course of the events as we have been told.

Macross Saga

Before talking about the product, a little introduction is needed on what Macross is.

Born back in 1982, to the work of Shōji Kawamori, the animated series narrates the events that take place starting from a 1999 eucronic.

Here the earth comes into contact with a race of gigantic alien creatures: the Zentradi.

Over the course of the 36 original episodes, which they did if after two more seasons (and 3 animated films and two manga), the events of the encounters and clashes between the two populations are narrated.

Specifically, the series focuses on the exploits of a small group of pilots from Veritech transformable fighters (capable of changing attitude according to the conditions imposed by the battle) and on the events of the great flagship of the human aerospace fleet, the Macross, and its crew.

Small note: not all Zentradis will enter in conflict with our planet: fascinated by a culture totally foreign to them and, above all, by the power of music, some of these creatures will try to carry on a peaceful coexistence on our planet; Robotech, faithful to its purpose, will also allow you to play this type of characters (or play on the invaders' side).

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