Recognition of University Training Credits: what they are and how to get Extra ECTS

Recognition of University Training Credits: what they are and how to get Extra ECTS
What are University Training Credits (CFU)? University Training Credits (CFU) are basically the unit of measurement that the university system uses to evaluate the commitment necessary to pass a certain exam. The telematic universities recognized by MIUR, as well as the frontal, private and state universities, all use the university credit system, for example to determine when it is possible to enroll in the following year, or to obtain a degree.

L The objective for which the reform of the University of 1999 (DM 509/99) introduced university credits was to give a homogeneous weight to the workload required of each student for optimal preparation. It was therefore decided to attribute to each exam, including the graduation test, a certain number of training credits: the University calculates the university credits on the basis of an assessment that takes into account the number of hours that are required on average for the student to pass the test.

To speed up one's student career, in the event of resumption of studies or transition between public and online universities or vice versa, or if masters or other online courses have been attended (and non), it is possible to request recognition of previous ECTS. For the recognition of the CFU, the Telematic Universities offer you a free and without commitment university credit assessment service.

If you want to better understand the university CFU what they are and how they work, what are the constraints imposed by the Telematic Universities and not, how to get the highest number of university credits recognized, what extra university credits are and how to get them, read this practical guide to the CFU that Punto Informatico has created for you: below you will find all the information you need on recognition and obtaining University Training Credits.

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