Isaac Asimov: from the Foundation to infinity and beyond

Isaac Asimov: from the Foundation to infinity and beyond
Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) was one of the most prolific science fiction authors of the last century. Graduated in chemistry, he was also a scientific popularizer. By biographical connotation (he began writing at 11), his beginnings are to be considered as part of the Golden Age of science fiction, placed by critics between the 30s and 50s of the twentieth century. It is estimated that he has written over 500 titles. Her official birth date is January 2, 1920, in Belarus, and her parents emigrated to the USA three years later. There is a small mystery regarding the true date of birth, since on some occasions the mother declared that her son was born in 1919.

In the confusion between the collapse of Tsarist Russia and the birth of the Soviet Republic, after becoming the Soviet Union, registrations may have been lost, so the first date declared for US immigration remains fixed. Asimov died on April 6, 1992, officially from a heart attack. Only ten years later his wife revealed that he had died of complications from having contracted the HIV virus in 1983, due to a transfusion for a heart operation.

The Asimovian work today

Asimov wrote entertainment science fiction that spared no rigorous scientific speculation, due to the fusion of his narrator talent to the scientist's preparation. In such a vast catalog it is difficult to get out of the two great directives that made him one of the founding fathers of science fiction: the Cycle of Foundations and the Cycle of Robots.

Isaac Asimov

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