Playing Minecraft inside Minecraft, a fan has made it!

Playing Minecraft inside Minecraft, a fan has made it!
Minecraft is known, more than just a video game it is literally a creation tool that gives users infinite possibilities. After two archaeologists managed to recreate a famous prehistoric site, a player recently managed to do something that until now seemed to be unthinkable: playing Minecraft within Minecraft. Yes, everything is possible and the boy wanted to tell his experience in a video.

The creator of this successful experiment, known on YouTube as Fundy, has uploaded a video to his channel where he has shown to the public all the proceedings and the work that were behind his project. Fundy managed to reproduce a giant screen made of cubes inside Minecraft, through which he then managed to play the Mojang title within the same sandobox.

But the boy's creation does not stop here, since he also managed to directly access his PC desktop while remaining within Minecraft. Fundy didn't want to go into too much detail, so we don't know how he managed to transpose both the game and his desktop screen into the cubed game. Fundy, however, wanted to declare its creation located on a server and it is possible to use all this also with other users.

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