The intelligent template that translates into eight languages

The intelligent template that translates into eight languages

A Japanese start-up has created one that, through the smartphone, translates what is said into eight into eight languages ​​

The C-Face smart mask (photo: mask, a faithful ally in the fight against Covid-19, could turn into a simultaneous translation expert. A Japanese start-up specializing in robotics, in fact, has created an intelligent one, which communicates with the smartphone and allows you to translate the words that are pronounced into eight languages.

The Donut Robotics project, called C -Face and called the "first intelligent mask in the world", was under study even before the coronavirus pandemic. But now that the use of face protectors has increased exponentially, interest in the product has also grown.

Made of white plastic, the polyglot mask is applied over the normal mask and connected on the phone via bluetooth. As Reuters explains, this way you can make calls, amplify your voice and transcribe spoken words, translating them into eight languages: from Japanese to Chinese, English, French, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

In addition to facilitating communication while wearing the mask, and between people who do not speak the same language, C-Face could also be useful for giving information to the doors protected by plexiglass, as seen in the launch video. The project pleases: this is demonstrated by the fact that 28 million yen (about 225,500 euros) were collected in just 37 minutes through a crowdfunding site.

The first 5,000 smart masks are expected to be available in Japan by September, at a price around 40 dollars (about 35 euros). Then they could also take the road to Europe, the US and China. The app translation service will be available through a monthly subscription.

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