Legacy of Mandrake: The Magician will have a girl as the protagonist

Legacy of Mandrake: The Magician will have a girl as the protagonist
Mandrake the Magician, the comic book hero of Lee Falk, will return this October, making generational history with the next Mandrake by the name of Mandy. King Features has collaborated with Red 5 Comics and StoneBot Studios for a modern continuation of the franchise with the writer Erica Schulz and the artists Diego Giribaldi, Juan Pablo Massa and Moncho Bunge.

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The press release issued during the San Diego Comic-Con @ Home panel quotes:

“Legacy of Mandrake: The Magician follows seventeen-year-old Mandy Paz (Mandragora Constanza Terrado Paz), a training sorceress who one day aspires to be just like the legendary Mandrake. He suspects that his innate magical powers must have something to do with his mysterious parenting, but so far his mother Mabel's lips are closed and he has to work out the whole matter of magic with the help of his best friend, LJ (the Lothar's son, as well as the partner of the original Mandrake). "

With" mysterious parenting "it would seem that the legendary Mandrake could be the father, but we will only find out when the comic comes out in October. The press release then continues:

"While trying to command his superpowers, he also tries to extricate himself from university, attending bad girls, the high school talent show, a magic mirror, a kidnapping and ... monsters? Mandy's world is about to become much stranger and much more enchanted. "

Mandrake is one of the first superheroes of comics, and the second most famous creation of Lee Falk's The Phantom . Created for a comic series of papers, the original Mandrake dressed like a magician from the stage, but used the magical powers of the real life such as hypnosis, levitation, and teleport to fight crime. Fans will remember that the same Mandrake was a hero of the second generation , who took care of his father Theron.

Christina Nix Lynch , licensing director of King Features , said:

“Mandrake the Magician was one of the comics most influential economists of his time, so what better way to pay tribute to this legacy left hereditary if not that of giving a new life to the property with a new twist that will appeal to a new generation of young readers? Is Red 5 that StoneBot have a history of amazing accomplishments, and their imaginative approach to the next chapter of the magical saga of Mandrake won the hearts of new fans.”

Legacy of Mandrake: The Magician #1 will be on sale on October 28 .

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