The Walking Dead 10 - clip and ending date, extra episodes coming soon

The Walking Dead 10 - clip and ending date, extra episodes coming soon
Finally good news for fans of The Walking Dead TV series. During the virtual panel held last night at San Diego Comic-con @ Home, the date of the season final of The Walking Dead 10 was announced and a clip with the first minutes of the episode was shown.

The episode titled "A Certain Doom" will air in the United States on October 4th and consequently on Monday October 5th at 9.00pm on Fox - Sky channel 112.

Here is the clip but beware of spoilers:

The clip shows the main characters preparing for the conflict against Beta and the Whisperers, with Father Gabriel taking charge of much of the scene explaining how, together, all the communities will be strong enough to face the forces of the Beta .

The clip also shows the return of Maggie, who receives a message from the communities informing her of Jesus' death and asking her to return. Beta's war against the survivors begins at the end of the clip, as he begins to see visions of the undead listening to him. After listening to them sing, he orders the siege to begin and the whole horde advances.

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead 10 aired on April 5. The Tower laid the groundwork for the final battle, and introduced Princess, one of the most popular characters from the comic book series, to viewers.

But the news didn't stop there. Showrunner Angela Kang has announced the arrival of as many as 6 extra episodes for The Walking Dead 10 which will be aired in early 2021. Kang explained that the choice was dictated by the impossibility of establishing a certain date for the resumption of the series and therefore Season 11 will inevitably slip.

We remind you that the comic of The Walking Dead will return with a new edition - click HERE for details.

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