The Walking Dead returns with a special book dedicated to Negan

The Walking Dead returns with a special book dedicated to Negan
Last July, surprisingly, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard had closed with # 193 the epic of the comic series of The Walking Dead leaving dismayed fans and readers for the conscious choice that the franchise would continue to live only through the products derivatives - specifically the TV series.

However, the award-winning creative team has decided to return to writing and drawing something for the comic series that will see the light in July, it's Negan Lives # 1, a 36-page one-shot book which will be distributed free of charge in the US comics.

The register was born from the will of Robert Kirkman to help comics shops in difficulty after the forced closure caused by the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus epidemic by actively participating in the #backthecomeback campaign called by the ex-monopolist distributor Diamond Comic Distributors.

Kirkma and Adlard have confirmed that the register will be available only in paper format in the comics shops, therefore it will not have digital re-editions, and that 100% of the revenue generated by its sale will go to the shopkeepers who make "a exhausting work ”to broaden the culture and the pool of comic book readers on the front lines every day.

Negan Lives # 1 will show us what happened to Negan after a slowly rebuilding company has pushed towards isolation. We had met Negan the last time in The Walking Dead # 174.

As we all know in Italy, The Walking Dead is published by saldaPress which after completing the volume edition is about to complete the re-edition in format bonellide with the release of the gigantic box The Walking Dead - In Aeternum which will collect the final cycle of the series with 4 variant covers signed by Stefano Caselli, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Lorenzo De Felici and the single variant of the number 67

The series created by Robert Kirkman has become a TV series (which, in turn, has given rise to several spin-off television and soon to be film), a cycle of novels, video games, board games, merchandising and many other things that it is impossible to summarize here. In other words, The Walking Dead is entered in the legend and don't release easily marking an age of comics and narration of the contemporary.

The Walking Dead – In Aeternum collects numbers from 67 to 70, the arc of the narrative finale of The Walking Dead in a monthly edition, in a box set with covers editions in the variant produced exclusively for Italy.

you Want to read The Walking Dead from the beginning? Retrieved The Walking Dead Collection 1 by clicking HERE

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