The Last of Us Part 2: the compliments of Bend Studio and Sucker Punch arrive

The Last of Us Part 2: the compliments of Bend Studio and Sucker Punch arrive
As you certainly know, the long-awaited The Last of Us Part 2 - of which you can also read our review - has recently been finally released, a title highly anticipated by fans that apparently seems to be fortunately characterized by an enviable quality to say the least, a substantially unmissable production for all owners of a PlayStation 4. It is currently still early to make estimates on the product's sales results, but in the meantime Naughty Dog has received the compliments of numerous companies.

Bend Studio and Sucker Punch have in fact wanted to launch on Twitter in a series of compliments addressed to Naughty Dog for the excellent work done, tweets that took the form of splendid drawings in which The Last of Us Part 2 went merging with the videogame worlds of the respective houses, namely Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima. The result is a joy for the eyes that has been able to be appreciated even by many users, who have joined the chorus of those who are congratulating themselves for what they have developed.

A gigantic and well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS to our friends at @Naughty_Dog on the launch of #TheLastofUsPartII today! We can't wait to play all weekend!

(art by Sucker Punch artist @ EdwardPun1!)

- Ghost of Tsushima 🎮 July 17 (@SuckerPunchProd) June 19, 2020

Congratulations to all of our friends over at @Naughty_Dog on the long-awaited release of #TheLastofUsPartII! Mind if we hitch a ride? # TLOU2 #DaysGone

- Bend Studio #DaysGone (@BendStudio) June 19, 2020

brutality will not be a choice, Unfortunately, however, it is not all gold that glitters, and recently the game has been bombed on Metacritic by users with an avalanche of 0, which obviously have much to discuss. In truth, however, just read some of the reviews given in order to realize the uselessness that these votes represent, among those who do not appreciate the presence of a protagonist is a lesbian, who is justified by the leak released some time ago – many of which have, however, proved to be false or highly overstated – and those who are still, very simply, did not want to give an explanation of his vote.

in Short, we talk about the reviews null and void, which certainly will not affect in any way the results of The Last of Us Part 2 – with sales that are likely to continue to increase even after the arrival of PlayStation 5 -, which already now can count on reservations star on a secure presence at the Game Awards 2020 , where we hope you will end up having to fight with tooth and nail to earn the title of GOTY, all working on other productions by the amazing quality that you will be able to win you over.

in case you are interested, we remind you that the rumored epic of The Last of Us Part 2 is currently available on Amazon .

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