Fortnite, Travis Scott thinks back to his event: "I've always had such ideas"

Fortnite, Travis Scott thinks back to his event: I've always had such ideas
It was the end of April 2020, and Travis Scott was holding a concert on Fortnite Battaglia Reale that would leave his mark on the history of the Epic Games title. Several months have passed since then, but in these days the star has returned to rethinking her event, and some very interesting considerations have emerged, which are worth reporting.

Travis Scott, pseudonym of Jacques Berman Webster II , also known as La Flame or Cactus Jack, said: "I have always had ideas of this type, since Rodeo [his debut album, which dates back to 2015], but only now have I become able to realize them". The future-oriented performances and the attention to the possibilities guaranteed by the new media have always been, we learn, at the center of Travis Scott's thoughts. For this reason, he immediately made sure that a collaboration with Epic Games was made, on Fortnite Chapter 2.

"I was in the game" recalled Travis Scott, "it was me". The rapper then went on to consider the huge number of hits on Epic Games' Battle Royale right in the hours of his Astronomical concerts, which set a new record. "Whether it was the actual gamer community, or people who weren't even playing Fortnite, there was still that sense of" people from all over the world who had met, and who were paying attention to something, " my concert "he declared," I watched it too, I was very excited ".

The costs seem to have been around half a million dollars, but we must also consider the revenues, since in those days on Fortnite Chapter 2 the Travis Scott skin was offered for a fee with a whole series of accessories. It is not surprising that even US politicians are thinking of Fortnite as a virtual venue for their rallies.


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