Xbox Series X and S: sold-out also in Japan

Xbox Series X and S: sold-out also in Japan
Xbox Series X> and Series S will both arrive in November and at the beginning of last week the pre-orders of the next consoles of the Redmond house were opened. Speaking of which, Microsoft lays record demand for the X and S sisters, as much of the pre-orders have already sold out, even in Japan - whose country sales have always seen Sony at the top.

As reported by VGC, major Japanese retailers sold out Xbox Series X in about 20 minutes, while Xbox Series S sold out an hour or so later - the price of which was even cut to 29,980 yen excluding taxes (corresponding to approximately 244.31 euros). Undoubtedly, this is a smart move to conquer a slice of the market that has always been more difficult but, of course, it would also be legitimate to imagine for the same reasons that the actual stock assigned to the Japanese territory was rather low. However, it still remains a relevant figure considering the context and the "historical" vision of Xbox performance.

For the occasion, the head of the Xbox division commented on the performance of the Xbox Series X preorder , Phil Spencer, who declares himself honored, but anchoring his feet on the ground towards what he defined as "the first step of a much longer marathon". In addition to Japan, Xbox Series X pre-orders have also achieved interesting results in several countries around the world, such as India, South Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. On the other hand, Spencer had said that he had learned from the mistakes of the past and that his intent would be to better satisfy the players, especially Japanese, in the next generation of consoles. Apparently he is succeeding.

What is certain, moreover, is that overall Microsoft's communication linked to the next-gen is having an excellent result. This is just the beginning, let's see how sales will go in the coming months. We remind readers that you can reserve a seat in your living rooms for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S starting November 10, 2020.

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