The 20 best games on Xbox Game Pass

The 20 best games on Xbox Game Pass - article
We are officially in autumn: a season has now ended, that of summer 2020, in which the video game industry has shown some important signs of suffering caused without any doubt by the COVID emergency, which has not only been able to deprive us of events. of the caliber of E3 and Gamescom, but which has also led to a long series of postponements that can also cover very high level productions.

With a now looming next-gen that does not seem to fully convince, however, and with an orphaned September line-up of launches like that of Cyberpunk 2077, this could be the right time to go and attack the backlog and throw yourself into the discovery of new video games.

Waiting for the period that that awaits us, which as every year promises to be red-hot thanks to the arrival of the new consoles, we offer you the best titles that you can find on Game Pass, the Microsoft subscription that can be subscribed as much on Xbo x One as much as on PC. The service now needs no introduction and the catalog is constantly evolving month after month, including over 100 titles among which not only Microsoft's exclusive first parts stand out, but also triple A third parties and many small independent pearls.

The review of games that we propose does not want to be a ranking but an in-depth look at the many genres that populate the Pass, so as to make you discover products that can entertain you in your September gaming sessions. We also focused on the most recent titles that have expanded the library, not mentioning for example the Halo saga, Sea of ​​Thieves and all the Microsoft exclusives that have been present for some time or products of the thickness of Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, Fallout and Metro.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The biggest exclusive that stands out this month is obviously Microsoft Flight Simulator, currently only available on PC but expected soon also on Xbox One and Series X. The title edited by Asobo Studio returns to make us sail the skies after 14 years from Flight Simulator X and does so by literally leaving us speechless thanks to the incredible 1: 1 scale replica of our planet that the game makes available to us. With all the technical innovations it introduces, Microsoft Flight Simulator cannot fail to be launched even for a test flight, whether you are passionate about the genre or not.


The warrior frogs of Rare come back from the distant 2000s, bringing a completely revamped Battletoads and proposing a brand new formula, introducing mini games and drop-in drop-out gameplay for all the frenetic levels dominated by the chaos unleashed by Rash, Zitz and Pimple. The game is obviously even more enjoyable in company, thanks to the coop up to 3 players.

Drake Hollow

The Molasses Blood returns to Game Pass with its second production, after The Flame in the Flood. Drake Hollow, initially scheduled for July 17, is now available on Xbox and Steam, ready to lead us on an adventure in the parallel reality of Hollow, in search of the Drakes, the cute and sweet creatures that populate this fantasy universe. It will be our task to protect them from fearful adversities and make them grow happy by building a base to defend where they can play and feed. With an online coop of up to 4 players, this survival will give you several afternoons of fun.


"Hey why am I so small?". This is basically the beginning of Grounded, in which we will play the role of teenagers of the 90s who have been mysteriously shrunk and will have to discover the cause and the responsible, exploring the world from a new perspective. What life-sized may seem a harmless ladybug, becomes a fearsome monster when it is the same height as an ant. The title of Obsidian Entertainment is available as a game preview, and will be constantly updated as the weeks go by: for example, this month, a brand new threat will make its debut. Eye up!

Tell Me Why

DONTNOD Entertainment, famous thanks to the well-deserved success for Life is Strange, proposes an episodic formula for its new project. Tell me why tells the story of two twins, Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who after years, divided by the pain of the loss of their mother, will try to solve the mysteries of their life and of what happened in their past.


A certainly interesting and fun title that you can find this month in the Game Pass is undoubtedly Carrion, produced by the Polish team Phobia Game Studio and published by Devolver Digital. As a red-colored shapeless monster, our goal will be to kill the people who have imprisoned us in the building we are in. The dark atmosphere and the pixelated graphics make the game even more fascinating, also offering the possibility to increase our skills every time our thirst for revenge is satisfied.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The last chapter of the Resident Evil saga lands on Game Pass taking us back to one of the most claustrophobic and oppressive horror adventures of recent years. While waiting for the sequel, scheduled for next year on next-generation consoles, you can enjoy and rediscover this terrifying Capcom survival horror.

No Man's Sky

The project conceived by Sean Murray and Hello Games has made school on how a title with few initial prospects is instead able to flourish and bring more and more news and richness of content with a consistent post-launch support still convincing. Years after its release, it is now a complete game full of ideas, to be shared with your friends with cooperative missions and to be explored alone in search of the center of the galaxy and its mysteries.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Before flying over the skies of the entire globe, Asobo Studio gave us a thrilling and thrilling adventure with A Plague Tale: Innocence. The story is about two brothers, Amicia and Hugo, in search of salvation in a France devastated by the plague during the Hundred Years War. A title with a strong emotional charge that we absolutely recommend recovering.

Gears Tactics

The saga of Gears, in addition to the main chapters, also officially expands on the turn-based strategy front, bringing at the moment only on PC Gears Tactics. The title takes place 12 years before the beginning of the plot narrated in the first Gears of War and we will take on the role of the rebel soldier Gabe Diaz. Our task will be to put an end to the evil plans of the Locust leader who, turn after turn, will hold us head in bloody battles where the tactical and strategic use of our group of survivors will be absolutely essential to save the cities of the planet Sera.

Don't Starve Together

Klei Entertainment brought to light 5 years ago Don't Starve Toghether, a game in which the protagonist is Wilson, a brave scientist trapped by a demon in a dangerous and challenging world. Over the years the title has expanded with new content, scenarios to explore and obviously new threats to face. The style of this survival is unique and will guarantee you a rich adventure in finding the way to escape from a desolate world and return home.

Journey To The Savage Planet

Kindred Aerospace needs you for this mission, and you must complete it. In the colorful Journey To The Savage Planet we will have to explore and catalog the flora and fauna of the planet ARY-26, to determine if the planet can be inhabited by man. The world can be explored completely alone or in co-op with friends, while you will come across funny and touchy creatures and you will have to survive on the few resources you have.

Remnant: From The Ashes

Lo third person shooter by Gunfire Games takes us into a post apocalyptic scenario invaded by monstrous creatures. As humanity struggles for survival we will have to work our way through inter-dimensional portals to discover the origin of the chaos that is tearing the world apart and root it out to restore peace. A very exciting game full of bosses and enemies to be faced in the company of up to two other players.


In Thunder Lotus's Spiritfarer the protagonist is a ferryman of souls who will have to better manage the space inside her boat during the voyage to beyond life. In this original management software we will have to take care of the spirits of the dead, creating rooms, fishing and cooking, until the moment of the last farewell at the end of the adventure. If you want company during this evocative experience, your friend can play as a cat. Need more to convince you?

The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment released The Outer Worlds, its latest sci-fi-themed first-person RPG, in October last year. A title very close to the tradition of the famous team with a well-conceived structure, space colonies to visit and an engaging plot. The flagship of course is the never banal and obvious progression that brings significant changes to the development of the plot.

The Messenger

A brilliant platform adventure in two dimensions at 8 and 16 bit by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital. The Messenger is fun, an artistically well made but above all engaging metroidvania.

West of Dead

The roguelite of Raw Fury and Upstream Arcade takes us to know the dark world of Purgatory with a unique and unmistakable style in the role of William Mason, voiced by Ron Perlman. The bleak western-style setting, where the hunting grounds are procedural, is the perfect place to make our six-shot pistol sing in search of that dark figure that stood before the protagonist before everything vanished into darkness.

Age of Empires

In the Game Pass catalog, available only on PC at the moment, we also find a great exponent of real-time strategy. Obviously we are talking about Age of Empires, present with the first two chapters in the Definitive edition version with remastered graphics and music, complete with all the expansions and improvements to the game system. If this were not enough, in a little over a month the third chapter will also arrive, naturally also with a new graphic layout and complete with all the contents.

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader King 3 is the successor to one of the most acclaimed titles in the world of strategy. The great legacy that weighed on Paradox did not weigh, on the contrary, it managed to refine an already excellent title, introducing a very smooth narrative and gameplay plots that will make lovers of the genre happy. It is up to you to make the choices and decide how the story will remember you.

Wasteland 3

One of the latest teams to join the Xbox Game Studios family was inXile, which packs Wasteland 3. , the third installment of the saga. The good things seen in the predecessor remain intact, refined with improvements in the weakest points and adding adrenaline-fueled fights and a pressing and never banal narrative. You can also explore a snowy Colorado and experience this adventure in single player or multiplayer.

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