Zero Vol. 1 - Emergency: the review

Zero Vol. 1 - Emergency: the review
Edward Zero is a war machine. A mere weapon, wielded by the agency for which Zero works and used to clean up the enemies that threaten the country. No longer a man, but almost an automaton trained to carry out the mission by any means necessary, leaving behind his humanity along a path made of blood and secrets. Or maybe not?

Zero Vol. 1 - Emergenza is the first volume of a comic series that takes the key elements of action spy stories and shoves them into a blender, to give us back a bloody concentration of merciless fights, government secrets, the fight against terrorism, ultra-technological weapons and the realization that, perhaps, the good is not on this side of the fence. An explosive device in the form of a comic, stuffed with nails ready to stick in the minds of readers, which bears the signature of Aleš Kot and the cartoonists who shaped its screenplay: Michael Walsh, Tradd Moore, Mateus Santolouco, Morgan Jeske, Will Tempest, designers of this first issue.


SaldaPress does not stop and brings another work by Aleš Kot to Italy: after the recent release of Il Nuovo Mondo, signed by Czech author and the unmistakable Tradd Moore, the publishing house relaunches with Zero Vol. 1 - Emergenza, to be released on 3 September. The comic series published for the first time in 2013 by the American Image Comics, will arrive in four total volumes, hardcover, of which Emergenza is the first.

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