WindTre, remodulations from 23 September 2020: all the details

WindTre, remodulations from 23 September 2020: all the details
Just mention the remodulations, and the customers of any Italian historical operator begin to tremble. We have already talked about the remodulations of TIM arriving in October 2020: it is up to those of WindTre, scheduled for next 23 September 2020 (with a week ahead of the competition).

The main and actually the only increase it will be up to already WindTre customers with pay-per-use tariff plans: the plan will cost 4 euros from 23 September onwards and the pricing will remain on consumption. The customers involved can then call at a cost of 0.29 cents per minute to fixed and mobile national numbers, with no connection fee; the cost of SMS will also go down to 0.29 cents, while MMS will go down to 0.50 cents. Finally, video calls will cost 0.50 cents per minute, one euro per minute to other operators.

Internet browsing has not been forgotten: WindTre will guarantee 1 GB per day, at a cost of 0.99 cents (only in case of use). Here is the SMS that warns about the changes in the contractual conditions: "Contract changes: from 23/9 your offer changes. Cost 4E / month with traffic included of the same amount, Naz calls at 29Ec / min no click / resp and tariff a sec, SMS 29Ec, 1GB at 99 Ec / day. Withdrawal without costs from the web, A / R, PEC, 159, shops or change of operator until the day before the change. More info on the WINDTRE website menu WINDTRE informs ".

Everything we have talked about obviously concerns customers who use prepaid SIM cards with pay-as-you-go tariff plans; the others, in recent months, have probably already switched to cheaper offers. Don't forget that iliad could reveal new details about its fixed network and optical fiber on 3 September 2020.


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