Windows 10, all issues fixed by update KB4566116

Windows 10, all issues fixed by update KB4566116
A new update is now available on Windows 10. Stop everyone, at least at the time of writing it does not seem to cause your Windows 10 PC to explode: on the contrary, it solves many problems.

It is precisely the cumulative update KB4566116; it will not be installed automatically by Windows Update, because it is one of the "non-security" ones, you will have to do it manually from the appropriate settings area. For now it supports Windows 10 1903 and 1909, as well as Windows Server 1903.

The update in question fixes several problems that have been bothering users on Windows 10 PCs in the last few weeks, from the operating system crash to malfunctions of certain applications; many were initially caused by the May 2020 update.

Microsoft, however, has selected the main innovations: here you are therefore in a practical list of all the problems solved: Abnormal filling of the hard disk in some error situations Inability to start Microsoft Gaming Services Problem linked to the time zone Yukon time (Canada) Display problem on some touchscreen devices Unexpected closure of the Settings screen Authentication problem related to typing a space before the user name Delayed opening of some programs

kb4566116 Update

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