U.S. Agent - Priest and Stefano Landini on the new miniseries

U.S. Agent - Priest and Stefano Landini on the new miniseries
Just in time to support The Falcon & the Winter Soldier series, which will soon land on Disney + and officially debut, Marvel relaunches USAgent with a new miniseries starting in November in the United States.

Here it is. cover of the first issue made by the Italian Marco Checchetto (Daredevil):

The miniseries will consist of 5 albums and will be "subtitled" American Zealot as explained by the author Christopher Priest (Deathstroke , Black Panhter):

It is a moral drama in five acts. We don't know if John Walker got fired or quit his job, it depends on your point of view. He is a civilian now, his jobs yield more money but also more risks since his missions are anything but legitimate. Without the support of official intelligence, it will also be increasingly difficult to get out of increasingly intricate situations.

I was thrilled to return to Captain America until I realized I was dealing with this guy, Cap's misfit and emotionally disturbed cousin. Cousin America.

Priest went on to say that USAgent represents one of the distorted expressions of the American dream seen through the point of view of a conscience at war above all with itself:

John Walker is a man in frequent conflict with himself, so Marvel doesn't know a better protagonist than him for this journey through the many visions of the greatest nation on Earth.

Another Italian, the excellent Stefano Landini, instead took care of the restyling of USAgent and will also take care of the pencils of the miniseries.

Here are his words :

I Am incredibly excited to be a part of this new project is dedicated to the U. S. Agent together with this amazing team. The history drafted by Christopher is really intense and full of twists, and I can't wait for readers to see with their own eyes the incredible work that we are doing.

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