Legends of Runeterra: The "Spiritual Flower" event adds exclusive content to the game!

Legends of Runeterra: The Spiritual Flower event adds exclusive content to the game!
Hello everyone, duelists! The first themed event, "Spiritual Flower", has been active on Legends of Runeterra for ten days!

The event involved all the games owned by Riot Games, but in this article we will focus on the innovations introduced specifically for the card game!

The event offers players a series of themed missions, similar to the weekly ones already proposed within the game. These missions will give the opportunity to obtain petals as a reward, which will allow players to advance in the event.

But this is where the fun comes: as you get petals, you will unlock in-game rewards, which they will range from green essences to Card Backs, Guardians and Emotes!

And it doesn't stop there! You will also have the opportunity to purchase an Event Pass which will allow you to access other, many rewards!

Here is an explanatory image of the prize distribution of the event:

In addition to this fantastic event, a new themed board has been added to the game, the Festival Altar:

But there is more. With the advent of Patch 1.7 (which did not introduce any game balance) we entered the second phase of the event, which introduced another free pass reward in the form of Yone's "Wink" Emote:

And a new board, Belladonna's Altar:

And also a new guardian, the Baby Dragon:

… Are we done now?

Nothing? Ok, it looks like this. Here's everything from the Spiritual Flower Festival, see you very soon with the news on the next patches of Legends of Runeterra!

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Last modified: August 8, 2020

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