TikTok responds to Trump's ban: "we are baffled"

TikTok responds to Trump's ban: we are baffled
Yesterday President Trump definitively banned TikTok in the United States, a possibility that has long been threatened. ByteDance therefore has 45 days to leave America, as provided by the two executive orders already signed by the president. But now we learn that TikTok has responded to the ban: after all the declarations could not be long in coming.

It seems that ByteDance has learned the news like a bolt from the blue. "We are baffled," he said in the statement, "because no regular procedure was followed. We had to deal with an administration that did not consider the facts and dictated the terms of an agreement without following normal legal procedures; then it tried even to interfere in negotiations between two private companies ". This last hint naturally refers to the Microsoft case: the company would be ready to buy TikTok, unlike Apple which is not interested at all.

TikTok was keen to emphasize that President Trump has no evidence behind it. of its decision, and that in any case in the past ByteDance has given availability to the acquisition on US territory. But that's not all: it seems that the developers are ready to go to court. "We intend to use all tools at our disposal to ensure that the rule of law is not jeopardized and that both our company and users are treated fairly: if not by the US government, then by its courts." .

We will keep you updated on future developments: the story that binds TikTok to America does not end here.


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