Three Joker - the launch trailer for the awaited miniseries

Three Joker - the launch trailer for the awaited miniseries
DC has released a disturbing launch trailer for Three Joker, the 3-issue miniseries written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jason Fabok, which will answer once and for all the question related to the existence of three different Jokers within the DC Universe. .

It is a mystery that goes back to the narrative arc of the regular series of the Justice League titled Darkseid War - which appeared on the stapled RW Lion Justice League from number 45 to 55 - in which Batman sitting in the Chair of Mobius, one of the most powerful cosmic artifacts of the entire DC Universe, he learned a shocking truth: the existence of three different versions of the Joker.

The first issue is available since yesterday in the USA while in Italy, Panini DC Italia announced the release starting in November.

Here is the trailer:

Speaking of the miniseries, Johns explained how he did not want to make yet another story starring Batman and Joker because they have already been made so many and beautiful.

Three Joker will instead be a story that will explore the impact that Joker has had on Batman and his "family". The author has promised not to introduce any "Joker multiverse" or to have the most classic of shocking revelations in store rather than delve deeply into their relationship and psychology.

Three Joker co-stars they will also be two of the allies who have been most affected by the encounter with the Joker or Barbara Gordon / Batgirl who was paralyzed after an assault by the Clown Prince of Crime in the classic The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland (buy it HERE) and Jason Todd , the second Robin, killed in another great classic Death in the Family (buy it HERE) and only returned to life several years later in the modern classic Batman: Hush (buy it HERE).

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