The unmissable inflatables for swimming pool and sea

The unmissable inflatables for swimming pool and sea
With the summer, diving, relaxation by the sea, in the pool, diving with friends and lying in the sun return. But how to make relaxing in these moments even more fun? Nothing better than a nice inflatable for pool and sea!

The best inflatables

Unicorn Icicle Flamingo Shark - NEW Angel wings - NEW Donut Cactus Spiderman rowing trunks


Our selection begins with one of the classic and inevitable inflatables for your summer: the magical unicorn, with a perfectly designed shape with two wings and extremely attractive colors, to meet the needs of you all! This inflatable is made of high quality, soft and durable PVC with 0.25mm thickness. Pool Float adopts a 3-in-1 gas nozzle, reducing air losses during use. Two wing handles on the pool float give the pilot a lot of stability by grasping them firmly with his hands. You can use an air pump to inflate it. Please note that it should not be over-inflated. When you stop using, carefully open the inflation inlet and slowly let the air out. You can take the pool float to the beach and to the pool!

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An original version of the mattresses is offered by the inflatable in the shape of an icicle, an example of many other original and inevitable shapes in your collection of objects and equipment for the sea and swimming pool! The inflatable is comfortable, light, handy, safe and practical, easily washable, resistant and comfortable. The print is realistic and is made of PVC, with repair kit included. The other shapes available are avocado, watermelon, lollipop, kiwi and many more!

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