The tank that is controlled with the Xbox joypad

The tank that is controlled with the Xbox joypad

An Israeli military company has built a high-tech prototype tank, which can be fully controlled with an Xbox joypad.

(Photo credit JACK GUEZ / AFP via Getty Images) The military sector has historically been it has always been a hotbed of technological innovations which have since become mainstream and made available to all consumers. And it is no coincidence that in Israel, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the country's leading aviation industry producing missile systems for military use, is currently testing a super-tech tank, called Carmel, which allows soldiers to use a Xbox controller to control steering, armaments and any other type of operation.

From the outside Carmel looks like a traditional tank, with rectangular shape, tracks and military coloring; in the upper part we find sensors, cameras and space for armaments. The news, however, are all inside the tailgate, where you have access to an ultra-technological cockpit that is very similar to a gamer's room.

According to the Washington Post, the 'IAI had the tank tested by soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force but also by simple teenagers, with the aim of developing a system capable of simplifying use for the new generations.

The possibility of using the Xbox controller is not the only peculiarity of this modern and technological tank, as the prototype can rely on large tablets for displaying information that would be common in any modern first person shooter, such as a map, ammunition and weapons available. In short, the military has a real HUD completely similar to those that are usually found in Battlefield, in Call of Duty but also in Fortnite or Apex Legends.
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