The fight Apple vs Fortnite can cause problems for many other games

The fight Apple vs Fortnite can cause problems for many other games

Everything revolves around the Unreal graphics engine developed by Epic Games and used by many developers

(Photo: Epic Games) The gauntlet thrown by the developers of Fortnite at Apple and Google is really causing a very ripple effect more important than you might imagine. One of the major consequences could above all concern the legal scuffle between Epic Games and the bitten apple because it would extend to a large number of other video games.

The reason is very simple and lies in the Unreal graphics engine that was created just by Epic Games and published for the first time in 1998 to develop and elaborate games for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac Os and later also on mobile with Android and iOs up to also act as a side for audiovisual products such as the most recent successful series tv The Mandalorian seen on Disney +.

Twenty-two years later, Unreal Engine is the basis of a boundless set of games by developers ranging from small independent and low-budget companies to larger productions. Suffice it to say that there are also titles present in the Apple Arcade service since its launch, such as the cute Dodo Peak.

Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store and has informed Epic that on Friday, August 28 Apple will terminate all our developer accounts and cut Epic off from iOS and Mac development tools. We are asking the court to stop this retaliation. Details here:

- Epic Games Newsroom (@EpicNewsroom) August 17, 2020

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